Todd Standing is a Bigfoot Researcher, Documentarian Film Director, Wilderness Expert & Tracker. The image you see above was taken from a video recorded by Todd. This is an actual image of a Sasquatch. The footage was shot at a far off distance by Todd using state-of-the-art video recording equipment. This Sasquatch is what Todd refers to as a day watcher (he's on guard duty). You can see the actual video footage of 'Jake' the day watcher and other jaw dropping footage of other Sasquatch on Todd's documentary, Discovering Bigfoot, which can be found on YouTube, Prime, Vimeo and many other video on demand networks. You will see that Todd has captured the clearest footage and images of Sasquatch / Bigfoot you will find anywhere. You can also see impressive Bigfoot / Sasquatch video footage including video clips from the Discovering Bigfoot documentary on Todd's YouTube Channel, Sylvanic Bigfoot.


Todd Standing BIgfoot ResearcherDiscovering Bigfoot Poster


Every Wednesday night unless Todd is in the field researching, Todd provides a live Q/A session via his YouTube Channel, Sylvanic Bigfoot. For more info on Todd's live video streams or to become part of the conversation visit There you can share encounters you might have had, or are having, with other people that understand what it's like to be confronted in the woods by the giant beings known as Bigfoot. And if you have had a recent encounter Todd definitely would like to know.


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Todd Standing is a Bigfoot researcher who brought us the documentary Discovering Bigfoot containing clear video footage of Bigfoot also known as Sasquatch.